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Energy Cleanse Herb Blend

Energy Cleanse Herb Blend

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At ATSD we know that a well stocked apothecary is a happy apothecary. And while we offer a wide variety of ready to use ritual and self care items, we know how important it is to have the basics on hand to craft your own solutions. 

Harness the potent energy of the powerhouse botanical blend behind out Energy Cleanse collection. Hand crafted with the intention of deep purification and renewal in mind this blend of rosemary, garden sage, eucalyptus leaves, and cedar tips, will bring an element of clarity, balance, invigoration, and new beginnings to your sacred space or workings. 

This versatile herbal blend can be used in various ways to enhance your rituals. Burn it as incense during meditation or sacred ceremonies, letting the fragrant smoke carry away any blockages and purify the energetic landscape

Sprinkle the Energy Cleanse Herbal Blend around your sacred space, or at thresholds creating a protective barrier.  Let the potent botanicals clear pathways, remove obstacles, and usher in a renewed sense of purpose and clarity, or use to dress candles and other workings. 


**Packaged by volume in 2.5oz re-usable aluminum tin. 

*external use only, not for consumption. 


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