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Hearth Craft Soap

Hearth Craft Soap

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Introducing our Hearthcraft Soap in the enchanting scent profile of lavender, sage, chamomile, camphor, and rosemary - a harmonious blend inspired by the herbalists' apothecary cabinet. 


Enveloped in a creamy lather, this soap gently cleanses your skin while infusing it with the herbal wisdom of nature. Lavender soothes and relaxes, sage purifies and balances, chamomile calms and comforts, camphor invigorates and clarifies, and rosemary revitalizes and uplifts. Together, these botanical allies work harmoniously to nourish your skin and awaken your senses. As you lather up, the cozy and classic scent envelops you, creating a serene and grounding atmosphere that allows you to let go of the stresses of the day.

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