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Serindipity Candle

Serindipity Candle

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Unveil the uplifting charm of our "Serendipity" 8oz coconut soy wax candle. Inspired by unexpected strokes of good fortune and delightful serendipitous happenings, this handcrafted creation encapsulates the essence of joy in a jar. With vibrant notes of bright citrus and sugar, it is a celebration of life's delightful surprises.

Allow this radiant scent to lift your spirits and fill your space with an aura of positivity. Enjoy the invigorating aroma of zesty citrus fruits, dancing with the sweet embrace of sugar. This captivating fusion invites a sense of lightheartedness and optimism into your surroundings. Reminding you to cherish the beauty of unexpected blessings and the magic of serendipitous moments.

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